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ONDUSTRIAL is an online B2B marketplace for marketing and selling industrial spare parts. ONDUSTRIAL main aim is to connect factories & Suppliers together. 


A sudden breakdown occurs in one of the production lines, which leads to stopping the production for several hours till the maintainance team check the problem, investigate deeper, and find what to do next to fix this issue that sometimes costs them millions of pounds

But what if they couldn't fix it? or what if it takes a longer time than usual? 

The next step will be a long, detailed conversation between the Maintainance & Procurement teams. Their conversation requires attention to how big the problem is, what the best industrial parts they need, then making the right decision as fast & precise they can.

The last step, sending emails to the accredited suppliers to obtain the industrial spare parts that eliminate the problem. Most of the time, response time is longer than 5 days. We will discuss this in more detail in the Problem section.

These slow steps, extremely expose the factory or the company to the loss of millions of pounds, missing the deadline, and being out of the market competition. 

The Problem

There are 3 nerve-racking problems that any factory or energy company faces to complete purchasing deal:

1. Delayed Response Time:  After sending the email with the information about the required industrial spare parts, you have to wait a long time 3-5 days till you obtain the response.

2. Product Availability: It's not always to find the required product with the registered vendors, so it's a must to look for the desired product 

3. Product Price: as a result of not purchasing from the source yet vendors, it's expected to multiple the price by 3 or 4. Another factor is the hard currency because of the difference in currencies value. 

The Solution

1. Fast Response Time: As we know your time is precious and you've overwhelming tasks other than purchasing industrial spare parts, you guarantee to finish your order online in less than 15 minutes.

2. Wide Variety Of Products: It's not always you find the required product with your registered vendors, yet our marketplace provides you with a variety of industrial spare parts for all your factory needs.

3. Trusted Suppliers: we register in our platform trusted suppliers only, so you guarantee both safe and last long operations without interruptions.