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BLRCH250A300B69 Schneider Electric heavy duty PowerLogic PFC Capacitor, 25-30 kvar - 690 V - 50-60Hz

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10,499.40 EGP
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VarPlus Can capacitor are a reliable and flexible solution for power factor correction in stringent operating conditions.

These capacitors are particularly used for higher voltage disturbances or when a few non-linear loads are present.

The rated current of the capacitors must be in increased in order to cope with the circulation of the harmonic current.

This capacitor provides a rated output power of 25 kVar at 690V AC, 50 Hz

Network frequency 50/60 Hz

Network harmonic content <= 20 %

Electrical parameters 25 kvar 690 V 50 Hz \30 kvar 690 V 60 Hz

Maximum permissible voltage 1.1 x Un (8 hours over 24 hours)

continuous overcurrent capacity 1.8 x In

Rated voltage 690 V AC 50/60 Hz

Product Brand:
Schneider Electric

BLRCH250A300B69 (BLRCH250A300B69, 104 Kb) [Download]

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